Nelson Mandelabrug in LiDAR

I went for a 65km bike ride from Capelle aan den IJssel through Hitland Park up to Gouda, and then a meandering ride west through Zoetermeer to Nootdorp, and while I was in Zoetermeer I passed over the Nelson Mandelabrug. The Nelson Mandelabrug is a pedestrian and bike only bridge crossing over the highway and… Continue reading Nelson Mandelabrug in LiDAR

A Visit to the Gaatkensbult

The Gaatkensbult is an artificial hill in Carnisselande near Barendrecht, the Netherlands. During the construction of the Jan Gerritspolder Dike along the Oude Maas river in the early 2000s, a 15 meter tall hill was built atop a section of the dike, and they placed a public art piece at the top of the hill.… Continue reading A Visit to the Gaatkensbult

Unintentionally Long Bike Ride Map

This morning I only intended to go to Kinderdijk to see the UNESCO World Heritage site near Rotterdam, easily accessible by boat, but that trip took a lot longer than I expected. I rode the ferry from Erasmusbrug to Ridderkerk, and then another ferry from Ridderkerk to Kinderdijk, the Erasmusbrug to Ridderkerk ferry runs every… Continue reading Unintentionally Long Bike Ride Map

ESRI User Conference 2019

This past July I had the opportunity to go to the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, CA. There I had the chance to attend the Education Summit and the main User Conference. At the Education Summit, I focused on attending sessions related to the administration of licenses on and I focused on… Continue reading ESRI User Conference 2019

ISPRS Geospatial Week 2019

While on vacation in Europe this past May and June, I capped the end of the trip with a stop at the ISPRS Geospatial Week at the University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands. On that vacation trip I spent two weeks in the Netherlands, visiting friends and meeting a few archaeologists with my partner. I then… Continue reading ISPRS Geospatial Week 2019

The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire and Cultural Heritage Preservation

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral is just another reminder of the need to digitize our cultural heritage to preserve artifacts, buildings, documents, and landscapes so people in the future can appreciate human history. Luckily, the building has been laser scanned, and as it is a famous building important to the Parisian skyline it has… Continue reading The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire and Cultural Heritage Preservation

USF Ice Bulls Highlights for January 24, 2019

University of Florida Gators came down to Wesley Chapel to get stampeded by the Ice Bulls 11 to 3 on Thursday night. I was camera man again for this game, and was able to get the camera footage before leaving, so I had the best quality footage I could get with our set up. The… Continue reading USF Ice Bulls Highlights for January 24, 2019