Raspberry Pi 4 GIS Cluster

I have been getting excited with the recent developments in the Raspberry Pi realm, the ARM processor ecosystem, and the magic of containerization, particularly from the Ansible and Kubernetes developer Jeff Geerling. He has had several video series on building and working with Raspberry Pi clusters, Kubernetes based containerization, and the management software Ansible. Over… Continue reading Raspberry Pi 4 GIS Cluster

Certification Earned: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

I passed Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Cloud Practitioner exam on January 6, 2021, it is valid for 3 years with an expiration of January 6 2024. This is my first AWS exam, and I plan on taking the Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam next in a few months. You can verify the certification by… Continue reading Certification Earned: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Learning R with GTA V

Introduction In Grand Theft Auto V you can rob convenience stores, gas stations, and liquor stores by either holding the clerk up or murdering the clerk and taking the money out of the register yourself. Usually when performing a robbery, I would just murder the clerk and take the money out of the register myself,… Continue reading Learning R with GTA V

Local Story Maps for Customization

I was having a hard time getting the Story Map Journal customization to work, it turned out to be an issue where I had been using the developer version of the distribution, where I really needed the prebuilt download, on the same Story Map Github download page. As mentioned in my Las Vegas trip post,… Continue reading Local Story Maps for Customization

Triangulation Backgrounds for Hockey

In my effort to advance the graphics for the University of South Florida (USF) Ice Bulls club hockey team, I wanted to create a script that I could use to create unique and new Delauney triangulated backgrounds for general full screen graphics. I have a workflow for creating Delauney triangulation backgrounds using ArcMap, which I… Continue reading Triangulation Backgrounds for Hockey

Robots and Requests

So, for those in the class, you might remember that I said that I bombarded the congress.gov website with requests trying to get the urls for all the xmls, and that their server had kicked me off. Well, I’m now redoing my project and getting all the data since the 103rd Congress. This time, I… Continue reading Robots and Requests