Nelson Mandelabrug in LiDAR

I went for a 65km bike ride from Capelle aan den IJssel through Hitland Park up to Gouda, and then a meandering ride west through Zoetermeer to Nootdorp, and while I was in Zoetermeer I passed over the Nelson Mandelabrug. The Nelson Mandelabrug is a pedestrian and bike only bridge crossing over the highway and… Continue reading Nelson Mandelabrug in LiDAR

A Visit to the Gaatkensbult

The Gaatkensbult is an artificial hill in Carnisselande near Barendrecht, the Netherlands. During the construction of the Jan Gerritspolder Dike along the Oude Maas river in the early 2000s, a 15 meter tall hill was built atop a section of the dike, and they placed a public art piece at the top of the hill.… Continue reading A Visit to the Gaatkensbult

Unintentionally Long Bike Ride Map

This morning I only intended to go to Kinderdijk to see the UNESCO World Heritage site near Rotterdam, easily accessible by boat, but that trip took a lot longer than I expected. I rode the ferry from Erasmusbrug to Ridderkerk, and then another ferry from Ridderkerk to Kinderdijk, the Erasmusbrug to Ridderkerk ferry runs every… Continue reading Unintentionally Long Bike Ride Map

Raspberry Pi 4 GIS Cluster

I have been getting excited with the recent developments in the Raspberry Pi realm, the ARM processor ecosystem, and the magic of containerization, particularly from the Ansible and Kubernetes developer Jeff Geerling. He has had several video series on building and working with Raspberry Pi clusters, Kubernetes based containerization, and the management software Ansible. Over… Continue reading Raspberry Pi 4 GIS Cluster

2020 in Review Story Map

Since my 2019 story map was such a nice way to recap the year I made another one for 2020, you can see it at the link below:

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Certification Earned: ESRI Desktop Associate EADA 19-001

I just earned my ESRI Desktop Associate certification on December 23, 2020. I plan on taking the ArcGIS Online Administrator specialty certification soon now that I am eligible to earn the certification. You can verify my certification by clicking on the image below, or navigating to I will also be taking the AWS Certified… Continue reading Certification Earned: ESRI Desktop Associate EADA 19-001