Stoomtreindagen 2023
October 13, 2023

Stoom Stichting Nederland (SSN) had their annual Steam Train Days (Stoomtreindagen) on 7 & 8 October 2023, and I went on the 8th. I arrived in the morning at Gouda, and rode the 11:20 train to the SSN depot near Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam, stayed for two hours and returned on the 13:35 train back to Gouda. I then got on the NS Intercity to Rotterdam Alexander to capture some more photos and video, and then advanced on to Capelle Schollevaar. 

From the weekend I published a video of the steam train ride, details, and passing, watch it on YouTube.

In addition to the video, I also captured an old manual switch in 3D and posted the model on Sketchfab. I captured this switch with my Fuji X-T4 with a Tamron 17-70mm at 17mm. The images were pre-processed in Lightroom, and made into a 3D model with Agisoft Metashape Standard version 1.7.