Trip Planning with ArcGIS Online

After the recent success of the trip to North Carolina and Georgia for the Total Solar Eclipse last month, I got excited about going on another trip with my friends to take part in an activity we love as a group, kayaking. I recently found out about Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota along the border… Continue reading Trip Planning with ArcGIS Online

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

My friends and I got a cabin in north Georgia, and took a long weekend trip to see the Total Solar Eclipse. We ended up at Hooper’s Bald along the Cherohala Skyway in Nantahala National Forest, it wasn’t our first choice, but we figured it wouldn’t be as busy as other places. I’m hoping to… Continue reading 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

3D Print Time Lapse Video in USF’s Football Advertisement[0]=68.ARCsicryWKWMxr66mNjWqdYj9aojRNyIfxuL6eYYtZkDxV3Sa1ueTdTYi633ke6k32lXYdkICNJ3nWAzyEcuaYUcw_Gx_hNhHY31U7xIxFNaRck3wmam-FqOIsXhNa7BV16BJnddaUv4zKDFU04hmyW60j0O196BO2Otc6ovxJ-Las9KCMTki7Mcn11qErK4vYwH6B6vViIqDXRMHnXI4mWjOIiVSzHcienPVZFjFG6oZYYjnUWnj3VhSSW5j3ALwmoj_aJWQfk9C7DJqgCHuTHRjlVbtJTC9cLle7sgQ19D3osft25v_r1VU0J7WlQ3Hzla0ekGU8fQNOLDXbVeeYhBhg&__tn__=H-R While watching a USF Football game, there was an ad for the University of South Florida (USF), something all NCAA DI Football schools have, and in it was a video I made. They included a couple seconds of 3D printing the eagle reconstruction from Natural Bridge Battlefield Historic State Park. The original eagle at… Continue reading 3D Print Time Lapse Video in USF’s Football Advertisement

Gasparilla 2016 Time Lapse

Gasparilla is a month long pirate festival in Tampa that has a concert, an arts festival, a half-marathon, and a few parades. This time lapse is of the main parade, and starts around 11am, and ends around 6pm. I shot this time lapse on my D5100 with an 18-105 and a D750 with a 70-300.… Continue reading Gasparilla 2016 Time Lapse

Mt. Momotombo, Nicaragua

Mt. Momotombo erupted December 1, 2015, and I decided to make a 3D Web Scene of the volcano from Landsat 8, Earth Observer 1 Advanced Land Imager (EO1-ALI), and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data. The volcano last erupted 110 years ago.

Tampa Daytime Gigapan

Tampa Daytime Gigapan A little more than a year after my night time Tampa Gigapan, I present to you my new daytime Gigapan, 3.53 Gigapixels and shot this time on a Nikon D750. This Gigapan was taken from atop the new Skyhouse apartment tower in the Channelside district of Tampa. The raw photos were color… Continue reading Tampa Daytime Gigapan

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