Forney Creek Trail

The Forney Creek Trail overlaid over aerial LiDAR data derived DEM, with a graph of the elevation over the length of the trail.

A friend of mine and I recently went to Great Smokey Mountains National Park to go camping. We had initially planned on camping at the Spruce Mountain campsite, but the road to get there was closed until later in the season, so we had to find somewhere else. We settled upon the Steeltrap campsite along… Continue reading Forney Creek Trail

Volcan Calbuco before 2015 Eruption

Volcan Calbuco 3D Web Scene The Volcan Calbuco volcano in Chile erupted April 22, 2015, and I created a Web Scene of the volcano. The 3D Web Scene was created in ArcScene with a Landsat 8 image from April 11, 2015 image, and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) elevation data.

3D Systems Interview 3D Systems recently came to interview us at the Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies (AIST) about how we use 3D Systems software and hardware. I was featured in the video about a project to create a 3D virtual campus and the great results from a rock we scanned. Using a 3D Systems iSense for… Continue reading 3D Systems Interview

Tampa Nighttime Gigapan

Nighttime Tampa Gigapan I was lucky enough to take this gigapixel image from a friend’s balcony during a party in his high-rise apartment. This is my second Gigapan, taken using the Gigapan Epic Pro and my Nikon D5100, combining 416 photos into a 978 megapixel image. I edited the photos a little in Lightroom to… Continue reading Tampa Nighttime Gigapan

Robots and Requests

So, for those in the class, you might remember that I said that I bombarded the website with requests trying to get the urls for all the xmls, and that their server had kicked me off. Well, I’m now redoing my project and getting all the data since the 103rd Congress. This time, I… Continue reading Robots and Requests