USF World Outstanding Global Outreach Award

This morning was the University of South Florida (USF) World Global Achievement Awards recognizing international research efforts and accomplishments at USF. The research group I work for, the Digital Heritage and Humanities Collections (DHHC), was there for our work in Armenia and Guatemala, and we won the Outstanding Global Outreach Team Award.

Scan of our certificate

I have had the opportunity to travel with the rest of the DHHC to our projects in Armenia and Guatemala, in fact, the first Armenia project in 2015 was my first trip outside the United States. Our work in Armenia focuses on digitizing monasteries and churches around the country and in Guatemala we were digitizing the Mayan stele at Quirigua. You can see the work we do on our website, for Armenia, Guatemala, and all our other projects. See below for the 3D model I made using a drone and photogrammetry of Haghpat in 2015.