Marieholmsskogen Layered Quartz
August 2, 2023

Recently I was hiking in Marieholmsskogen Nature Reserve in Jöngköping Sweden and came across some rocks with layers of what I believe was quartz, so I captured them quickly with photogrammetry. There were two rocks, the first you come across on the trail has many layers of quartz embedded within, and the second has a thicker roughly 3 or 4 cm wide layer. 

According to a geological map of Sweden I found, the bedrock here should be primarily granite.

When I came across the stones, I decided to use one of my cameras to create 3D models of these beatiful geologic specimens. I captured each boulder with a Canon EOS M6 equipped with a Canon 22mm f/2 pancake lens. Each capture was done handheld, which is not ideal for photogrammetry but neither is travelling and hiking with a tripod. Luckily due to the physics of lenses, 22mm lenses can have a large depth of field at a wider aperture, allowing for fast shutter speeds, negating movement and allowing for low noise (ISO).

I captured two sets of images for each boulder, one close up and one further away with the whole stone.

I processed the images with Agisoft Metashape Standard, creating several models of the two rocks. Each stone had three sets of processing; close ups only, further away only, and combined close ups and further aways together.

In addition to these nice quartz layered boulders, I captured more models from other parks around Sweden. Click the links below to see all the models from my recent trip to southern Sweden.